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What is in a Funsteps Kit?Photo of Funsteps kit

Funsteps To Learning comes complete with a full month of art, craft, and educational activities already prepared and conveniently packaged so you won't have to shop around for materials or do lots of preparation. And the cost for this quality curriculum and craft program is as low as $2.75 per child per week.

The program is packaged into 12 separate Daily Activity Packets which you can use anywhere from three to five days per week with your 3, 4 and 5 year olds.  The basic Funsteps kit contains three parts: the Provider Packet, the Classroom Calendar, and the Daily Activity Packets.

The Provider Packet

In this packet you will find:

Classroom Calendar

Each month's box contains a large classroom calendar with colorful pictures to help track the days.

Daily Activity Packets

Use these packages with the Curriculum Guide that lists the activities for that day. Daily activities include: Tiger Hat craft

Shapemobile craftSpaceship craftDinosaur in an egg craft