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Music in Kapers For Kids Curriculum Programs

All of the programs developed and distributed under the Kapers for Kids trade name (including Funsteps, Twosteps, and the Alphabet Programs) make extensive use of music in their curriculum materials. Music is an important tool for childcare providers as it helps children at a wide range of developmental levels connect to your activities and themes.

In addition to the sheet music provided in the curriculum guides, our monthly programs can be supplemented by purchasing Sing-A-Long CDs. The CDs supply the program music recorded in entertaining fashion by our musical group, The Blinkenhoppers. Most CDs contain 2 months on one CD (Oct./Nov., Dec./Jan., Feb./March, and April/May); September is by itself on a CD, as is Summer.

The Monthly Sing-A-Long CD (Funsteps & Twosteps)

Included as a free item in your first order, this exciting supplement to the curriculum helps bring the music of these programs to life. Each month includes the songs from the program, plus an assortment of supplemental music and stories (originally recorded for the Kapers for Kids curriculum - which is now discontinued). Click Here to order a monthly music CD.