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Dozens of Dinosaurs - Day 1

Concepts to Teach

Preparing For The Unit

Todays Activities: Language - "Dozens of Dinosaurs"

Use the flannelboard pictures for today, included in this month's Provider Pack, for this activity. Show the children the entire set of dinosaur pictures, one by one. Ask if anyone knows what all of these animals are called. Then talk about the fact that we can't see dinosaurs today, because they no longer live, but that we can learn about them by looking at pictures and by reading books about them.

Suggest that the children look at each of the flannelboard pictures with you now, and that they try to find out things about each animal by looking at the pictures. TRY TO BE A SILENT OBSERVER in this activity and let the children make the discoveries themselves. You might want to begin by asking the children to look at each picture and try to find things that tell about the dinosaur. You may want to use some of the questions below if the children need some help. (click on the underlined links to see the flannelboard picture)

Math Concepts - Measuring a Dinosaur

Prepare for this activity by gathering measuring tools of various kinds. These could include such things as a scale, a measuring cup, and spoon, a dressmaker's tape measure, a carpenter's tape measure, a ruler, a yardstick, a thermometer, etc.

Encourage the children to try to tell what we would measure with each kind of measuring tool, and then to talk about whether it could be used to measure a dinosaur. Talk about the difficulties you might encounter when trying to measure a dinosaur.

Make your goals for this activity be that the children learn that there are different tools for measuring different things, and that they have practice in using problem solving skills.

Large Muscles - Fly Like a Dinosaur

Explain to the children that there were dinosaurs of many different kinds and that they moved in many different ways. Then talk about the specific dinosaurs listed below. Explain briefly how each might have moved, and suggest that the children pretend to move like each of the dinosaurs as you talk about it. Encourage the children to use their imaginations freely.

Creative Art - Bumpy Pictures

Suggest to the children that different kinds of dinosaurs had different kinds of skin. Some skins were smooth, some were scaly like the skin on some fish, and some were bumpy. Suggest that the children make some "bumpy pictures" by laying sheets of paper over bumpy things and coloring gently over the paper to see what kinds of patterns the crayons make. Some bumpy things might include rough sandpaper, a bumpy board, a comb, a brick, the rough texture of a wastebasket, a piece of screen, etc.

Fingerplay - Ten Humongous Dinosaurs

Ten humongous dinosaurs,
Standing in a line.
One fell down,
And now there are nine.

Nine humongous dinosaurs,
Playing very late,
One went to bed,
And now there are eight.

Eight humongous dinosaurs,
One of them named Kevin,
Tripped on a mountain,
And now there are seven.

Seven humongous dinosaurs,
Doing lots of tricks.
One bumped his head,
And now there are six.

Six humongous dinosaurs,
Learning how to dive.
One did a belly-flop,
And now there are five.

Five humongous dinosaurs,
Pushing through a door.
One got stuck,
And now there are four.

Four humongous dinosaurs,
Stepping over a tree.
One got a sliver,
And now there are three.

Three humongous dinosaurs,
Going to the zoo.
One teased the tigers,
And now there are two.

Two humongous dinosaurs,
Liked to run and run.
One ran too far,
And now there's only one.

One humongous dinosaur,
Cozy in the sun,
Curled up and fell asleep,
And now there are none!