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Dozens of Dinosaurs - Day 2

Alphabet Fun - "It's In The Bag"

Print each letter of the alphabet on a tagboard or construction paper card and then put the cards in a large grocery bag. Encourage the children to take turns drawing a card from the bag and naming the letter that's on it. Be ready to help those children who need help and try to make this a positive experience for everyone.

As a fun follow-up to this activity, you might want to make a letter tree. To do this, secure a dead tree branch, with smaller branches on it, in a flower pot or can of dirt. Then tape string to the back of the letter cards (use pressure sensitive tape for easy removal), and hang them on the tree as the children identify the letters with you. Or, make cutout letters especially for the tree and encourage each child to decorate one of the letters to put on the tree.

Song - "A Dinosaur Tale"

This is a fun song that tells a story about a dinosaur that had a problem when it went shopping in the grocery store. Since the song has so many words and verses, it might be difficult for the children to learn, so let them just enjoy listening to the story, and encourage them to sing along when they choose to do so. (click on the song title above to see sheet music for the song)

Todays Activities: Language - What DID Dinosaurs Eat?

Encourage the children to do some creative thinking as you pose this question to them:

"Dinosaurs that lived millions of years ago didn't really eat picnic foods. What kinds of foods do you think dinosaurs were able to find millions of years ago."

Help the children to realize that dinosaurs had to eat plants and animals of various kinds, just like most animals do today. Then tell them that some of the dinosaurs only liked to eat meat and some dinosaurs only liked to eat plants.

Conclude by helping the children to distinguish the difference between what plant-eaters and meat-eaters might eat, and say to them:

"Let's pretend that you have a pet dinosaur at home and that your pet dinosaur only likes to eat meat. What are some kinds of meats that you could feed your dinosaur?"

"Let's pretend that your pet dinosaur only liked to eat plants. What are some kinds of plants that you could feed your dinosaur?"

Snack Idea - Dinosaur Eggs

To make this snack, use oval shaped crackers, peanut butter (or another choice of spread), and some small dinosaur shaped crackers found in supermarkets.

Spread two oval crackers with peanut butter. Then place a small dinosaur cracker on the peanut butter in the center of one of the crackers. Place the peanut butter crackers together with the dinosaur sandwiched between. When the children open their dinosaur egg crackers, they'll discover a baby dinosaur!

Creative Art - Spatter Paint Dinosaurs

Note: If this activity seems too messy for your group, just draw the dinosaurs on paper and let the children color or paint them.

To prepare for this activity, you'll need tempera paints, a small screen (approximately 10 inches square- preferably with a wooden frame around it which will help support it above the paper; you might also try a colandar), a sheet of 8 & 1/2" x 11" paper, and an old toothbrush. Also, for each child, make a copy of the flannelboard pattern of a dinosaur, included in this month's Card Pack.

To make the painting, tape the dinosaur pattern on the child's sheet of paper and then place the screen over the pattern. Have the child dip the toothbrush in tempera paint and then brush it across the screen to make the paint spatter onto the paper. Have the child do this several times until the paper is well covered with spatters. When the child is done making spatters, remove the screen and the dinosaur pattern that was on the paper. The child will be able to see the image of the dinosaur on the paper in the area where the pattern had been placed, because the spatters will have covered the areas around it.

HINT: You'll want to cover the spatter painting area with a vinyl cloth, newspapers, etc., and have the children wear paint shirts or aprons.

Numbers - A Dozen Dinosaur Eggs

For this activity, you'll need to prepare ahead of time by cutting some small chicken size eggs and some larger dinosaur size eggs from construction paper.

You'll also need a basket, or other container, in which to put the eggs, and 2 sheets of paper, on which the children can glue the eggs of the two different sizes. (The paper for the dinosaur eggs will need to be extra large.) On one sheet of paper, draw a copy of the smaller chicken egg, or a picture of a chicken. On the other sheet of paper, draw a copy of the large dinosaur egg, or a picture of a dinosaur.

Explain to the children that baby dinosaurs were hatched from eggs, just like baby chickens are. Then show them the basket in which there are some pretend chicken eggs and some pretend dinosaur eggs. (Which do they think are the dinosaur eggs?) Then encourage the children to separate the eggs according to their two different sizes.

Have one child at a time choose one of the eggs from the basket. Then, depending on the size of the egg, glue the egg on the sheet of paper designated for the chicken eggs or the dinosaur eggs. Continue until the children have sorted all of the eggs according to their sizes by gluing them on the correct sheets of paper.

Cooking - Dinosaur Bread

Let the children enjoy using frozen bread dough to make some "dinosaur bread" today. You'll need about 1 loaf of bread dough for every 3 children, depending on the size of the children's dinosaurs.

Let the bread dough thaw out ahead of time, according to the directions on the wrapper, and then cut it in thirds for three children to use. Then encourage each of the children to break their dough apart and form it into balls, making one ball a larger size. Suggest that the children flatten the larger ball with their hands or a rolling pin, to make the dinosaur's body. Then suggest that they use the smaller balls to make the head, shape a tail, and add other features, such as the horny spikes on a stegosaurus. Encourage their creativity as they design their dinosaurs.

To glue the dough parts together, provide the children with a small dish of milk and a clean, small water color brush. Then suggest that they brush the milk on the parts to stick them together.

After the dinosaurs are shaped, brush them with a beaten egg to give them a shiny texture. Then put the dinosaurs on a greased baking sheet and bake at 350° for approximately 25 minutes.

Cooking - Stegosaurus Soup

Suggest that some children help you to make this delicious dinosaur soup today, and then serve it to all of the children for their lunch.

Have the children making the soup measure and combine the ingredients needed in a container in which to cook the soup. Let the children do as much of the preparation as possible, such as cleaning the vegetables, cutting them with plastic knives, measuring and pouring the ingredients together, and mixing them. You'll want to do any of the preparation that needs to be done on the hot stove, yourself.

Check with your butcher, or with the meat department of your supermarket, for a beef soup bone, which you can pretend is the dinosaur bone for your soup. Then use the recipe on this page to make your soup.

Craft - "A Dinosaur Book"

  1. Click on the link above to see a picture of the craft.
  2. Color the pages as you wish.
  3. Fold the pages in half on the dotted lines. Put the pages together in number order.
  4. Staple the pages together on the fold line to make a book, or use a hole punch to punch two holes at the folded center of the book, lace the yarn through the holes and tie the ends together to hold the book together.