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Why Use Funsteps picture of art suppliesPreschool Programs?

It's Flexible: Each month's kit contains 12 full days of fun activities, which may be used as a three day a week program or stretched out over a greater period of time to fit your childcare or preschool schedule.

It's Professional: Funsteps is a recognized leader in developing age-appropriate curriculum programs and has been educating preschoolers for 25 years. Many licensing agencies will grant you training credit for using the Funsteps program. For more information on obtaining training credit for self-directed study, click here!

It’s Inexpensive: When you use Funsteps or Twosteps with your group of six children, your cost is under $2.75 per child per week. Charging your parents as little as a $10-$15 per month preschool curriculum fee covers the entire cost of using either program.

It’s easy and timesaving: All the materials for each day are included and simple instructions make your planning easy. The crafts have punch-out pieces for easy prep time, and each craft is packaged in its own little bag and numbered to coordinate with the day.

Parents love it: Parents will love the projects, music and skills their children bring home. The projects reinforce hands-on learning and build self-esteem.

No obligations: If you prefer, you can order your materials month-to-month as you need them. No subscription is required. If you want the savings or convenience of a subscription or standing order, that's available too!